With a lot of energy, innovative spirit and an eye for perfection we want to offer our customers something very special.
But who are we actually?

That's how we work.

Two best friends since childhood days. An unbeatable team.

Ron Hüttenrauch - Quadroguys GmbH

Ron Hüttenrauch

CEO & Co-Founder 

“The Creative”

Ron’s head produces ideas non-stop – many of which he implements himself behind the camera.
During post-production he proves an eye for details that remain hidden to others.
Ron is driven by his own ambition – based on the motto: A good horse jumps as high as it can.

Maximilian Schröder - Quadroguys GmbH

Maximilian Schröder

CFO & Project Manager

“The Coordinator”

At Max, all organisational threads come together: He is the direct contact person for our customers, supervises and coordinates the individual projects and is our expert for all figures and finances.
Max never loses the overview, and has never lost the overview of the overview.

Extra expertise always at hand: we work with a team of specialists. Together we form a powerful network that makes us dynamic.

Niko Gehrke - Lumia Films

Niko Gehrke

Logo Quadroguys Digital Services

Jan Schnitzler

Alex Koelbl

Alexander Kölbl

Justin Wolff

Justin Wolff

Our story.

Quadroguys GmbH Logo

Founding of Quadroguys UG

Barack Obama is re-elected, the iPhone 5 comes onto the market and drones are still the subject of garage tinkering. We too are already excited about the provisional aircraft and do not hesitate for long when the DJI Phantom I, the first commercial drone, is launched a year later. Fascinated by the rapid technical development in the drone market and spurred on by the high demand among friends and acquaintances, the hobby of drone flying has become a profession over the years.


Quadroguys GmbH

Drone recordings for the world premiere of the Porsche Cayenne and a commercial for REWE mark the first milestones in the young company history.
With the growing number of orders, we expand our know-how. For the first time we offer not only aerial photography but also other digital services.

Logo Quadroguys Digital Services and Aerials
Logo Quadroguys Digital Services
Logo Quadroguys Aerials

Digital Services & Aerials

Quadroguys takes the step towards a digital agency and separates into two business areas.

With Digital Services Quadroguys offers everything that companies need for their digital image from a single source: Videos, photos, web design and 3D animations.

The specialisation in aerial photography, which has existed since the beginning, finds its place in the Aerials division. Aerials offers real estate and object flights for the portfolio as well as maintenance and inspection flights.

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Logo Quadroguys Aerials
Logo Quadroguys Digital Services

Websites & Visuals

Our work over the past years has shown us what we are good at and what we enjoy doing. We only want to offer exceptionally good services, so we decided to limit the Digital Services division to two core competences from now on: we want to create beautiful websites and provide the matching videos and photos. The new website, which you can see here, marks the start.

… our story is far from over – become a part of it!